Characteristics of Bhutan People That Make Them Different From Others

Bhutan people and nature

Bhutan, a nation which is located in Southeast Asia, is well-known as the Nation of Happiness. Coming there, travelers will surely indulge themselves in a multi-color world, created by unique features from customs, and cuisine, and most importantly, this country of happiness is made by the people there. So, how do they do it? What characteristics do they have? For those who do not know, here are the top 5 characteristics that make Bhutan people stand out from others that you should know before planning your tour Bhutan tour.

Bhutan People Truly Live Their Life

Both Bhutan People’s Spiritual and Material Happiness is Equally Managed

While people in other countries are getting into a race of money, fashion, and technology, people in Bhutan are just satisfied with what they have. If one is happy with the latest iPhone, people, in this South Asia country will not care whether they have it or not. Bhutanese people are happy simply because they are alive.Characteristics of Bhutan People

Bhutan People are not into Modern Devices

The fact is that in this day and age, we pay too much attention to things that make us feel terrible. The social network, for instance, we may see famous people making lots of money and that makes us envy them. Or even there is some bad news or fake news on the internet that can really affect our mental health. Therefore, if we do not care about them anymore, our lives, obviously are much better.

Bhutan People Believe in Buddhism

Buddhism, religion teaches people about karma, and how to stay calm and have a better life. Bhutanese people all believe in karma and that if they live a good life, and do good things, they would be better reincarnated in other lives. This faith prompts them to be compassionate and kind-hearted people who do good deeds for each other.Bhutan people believe in Buddhism

Bhutan People do not Smoke

Smoking is officially banned forever in this country and if one secretly smokes, it is not allowed. Do not smoking will come along with a healthy life. If you have good health, you may not deal with diseases, hence, you can literally enjoy good things in life.

Bhutan People are Well Rested

Regarding the National Surveys, approx. 2/3 of Bhutanese people have at least 8 hours/ night of deep sleep. Maybe you will not think that but it is obviously much better than countries, especially true of industrialized ones. The pros of sleep on happiness and overall health are really well documented.

The Gap between Royalty & Normal Bhutan People isn’t That Far

Due to their isolationist tendencies, Bhutanese people are very close to each other. One said that when he was in Bhutan, he spied a young man playing basketball with other kids on a public court. And, he came to and introduced himself to that man and played with him.
Later, a thing was revealed and that man was actually a Prince of Bhutan. It was amazing. Thanks to the closeness between the high & low classes. Bhutan people is so amazing.

The Gap between Royalty & Normal Bhutan People isn’t That Far

Bhutan People Can Measure Their Happiness

It is good when our government lends a helping hand but do you remember when was the last time any of us truly believed our government want all of us to be happy? Indeed, happiness is not something that Bhutan people should wonder about.
Bhutanese government truly measures their country’s happiness by using a metric called GNH – Gross National Happiness. The Government is not perfect at offering happiness to their citizens; however, they acknowledge & measure happiness probably helps them feel better at keeping all Bhutan people happy than others.

Bhutan People Live in a Truly Heaven of Nature

Bhutan People Live their Lives without Pollution

Bhutan is located in the Himalayan Mountains range, which means that the place where Bhutan people live is untouched wilderness. It is likely you live in the jungle and enjoy the fresh air and good condition every day. These things obviously make you feel much better than living in a big city with high buildings, factories, and so on. The fact that people there do have some things that cause pollution like automobiles. However, they lack the miles on miles of factories and waste-producing businesses.

Bhutan people live their lives without pollution

Where Bhutan People Live is So Gorgeous

Geographically, Bhutan is located in the Himalayan Mountains and over 60% of the country is untouched wilderness. And, I know the reason that you and others go to Bhutan is because of the stunning nature of the country. We go there to have sometimes lived amongst this marvelous nature offering the peacefulness, and fresh air that we can take deep breaths the whole day. Living a life in the concrete jungle cannot never be better than living with nature.

Bhutan people live their lives without pollution

60% of Bhutan is Safe from Deforestation

The environment is always an important treasure to the Bhutan people. The environment, forests, and animals are strictly protected & the country announced that up to 60% of Bhutan would be safe from the bad things like deforestation permanently. And, caring that much for the earth makes Bhutan people feel so good.

Bhutan is Safe from Deforestation

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