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Create Your Bhutan Vacation with Go Bhutan Tours 

Indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of Bhutan's majestic mountains, pristine valleys, and serene monasteries. Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality of this hidden gem in the Eastern Himalayas. Let us design an unforgettable experience that showcases the best of Bhutan while respecting the environment and supporting local communities. Embark on a remarkable adventure with Go Bhutan Tours Company and uncover the magic of this enchanting kingdom.

2 thoughts on “Create My Trip

  1. Robin says:

    Let say nga gi che lu ga which means I love you in Bhutan. Please give me info, I love the rice candy from Botan and the rice we use here is from Botan too!

  2. Naveen Prabhakar says:

    Hello Team,
    I am planning to bring my family to Bhutan in August 2024.
    We are 8 Adults, 1 child and 1 infant.
    We will be landing at Paro Airport on 24th August at 11AM and leaving on 2nd September 2024 at 4:20PM.
    Please advise an itinerary for a Private tour with details and price as well.
    We will need a private tour and please let us know the best price you can offer.

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