The first thing I would like to say is that I had never done an organized tour before. And yes, with the regulations in Bhutan it is the only way to visit the country that I had wished to come to for so long. In my early exchanges with you – Tania, you made me feel so comfortable that my trip in Bhutan didn’t mean bus rides with many people; controlled timings on places I visit and had to ensure I experienced the country at the slowest pace. You always carefully asked me what I wanted to see in Bhutan most, which sites drew me to Bhutan, and what kind of experience I really enjoyed. You built an itinerary that was a perfect combination between my need and experiencing the history, the landmarks, the culture, and the trekking.

Overall, the tour that you specially customized for me was perfect. I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much, Tania – Go Bhutan Tours.

Feedback from Mrs. Iris West