Paro Attractions

The first thing welcoming you as soon as you fly to the Kingdom, the beautiful Paro valley extending from the confluence of the Paro Chhu and the Wang Chhu rivers is one of the most major Bhutan tourist attractions. The picturesque Paro is widely covered by green rice fields along with a stunning, crystalline river that meanders down the valley. The beauty of Paro is even accentuated by the elegant, traditional-style houses dotting the region.
One of the most iconic Paro attraction, the Tiger’s Nest, built upon a sheer cliff face that welcomes lots of tourists and pilgrims visiting there each year. The only international Airport in Bhutan – Paro International Airport is also boasted here. Is that all? Absolutely, not yet. Paro is a well-worth attraction place in Bhutan that you should visit once in life, so keep scrolling and find out more about attractions in Paro.