Feedback From Mr. Thomas on Bhutan Trekking Tour 14 Days

review of mr thomas on his trips to bhutan

Client: Mr. Henry Thomas
Pax: 1
Nationality: Canada
ItineraryParadise in The Himalayas – 12 Days
Travel Date: December 2019

Thank you, Tania, and Go Bhutan Team for an unforgettable trekking trip in Bhutan that was perfectly customized.

I don’t know what to say because there are lots of things in my mind now. The 14-day trekking trip left so many emotion that has gotten stuck in my head by now. This was the first time I had enjoyed such an adventurous vacation alone but you, Tania, and my outstanding trekking guide, Lhawang, made it perfect.

Enjoyed the trip, I both experienced the beautiful scenery of many sites, bumped into many people, got an insight into Bhutanese history & culture, and most importantly, I myself had an opportunity to see how Bhutan looked like at the high altitude. While enjoying my trek, I witnessed the beautiful vistas of Jomolhari Moutain and two full rainbows next to it. I was fascinated when I experienced some days camping at a high altitude. Although sometimes, the wind strongly blew over my camp, it wasn’t really a matter because I had my wonderful guide beside me and he knew how to deal with such a thing like that.

In addition, my driver was funny yet professional, super punctual, and psychological as during my 2-hour drive, I was carried on the most comfortable seat and provided with water. Thank to his thoroughness and fun I had a safe and sound driving time full of smile, but I forgot to ask his name, it was a really big mistake.

In short, I will go back to Bhutan someday and you Go Bhutan Tours will be my trusted partner. Furthermore, hopefully, I would have a chance to meet my guide and my driver again. I will recommend you to other travelers who want to experience the best Bhutan tours.