4 Recommended Coffee Shops in Thimphu

While Bhutan would be rather well-known for milk tea, masala tea, or suja juice than coffee culture, coffee is gradually catching on. In the age of technology, the advent of free Wi-fi is a great inspiration that leads to the extinction of manifold coffee spots for hanging out, being a place for the second office or the afternoon meetings, which are now more and more popular. There are some coffee shops in Thimphu that will leave a deep impression when you once visit there. Once getting into a Bhutan vacation, do not miss the 4 coffee shops in Thimphu below.

1. Karma’s Café

Karma’s Café

If you are a coffee lover and find yourself a go-to café shop, this cute Thimphu coffee shop touted as the most professional one in Thimphu will satisfy you. You must carefully observe, however, its non-prominent signboard, then climb up on the 1st floor of the Zham Ling building.
Inside the Karma’s Café, you will see a pretty nice lounge along with a smoking room (it is really rare to find one in Bhutan). The coffee shop is full of natural light as well as fresh air, and good ventilation that offers guests an eco-friendly atmosphere to enjoy their time with beloved partners. The must-try foods and beverages here include the banana cake, fish and chips, and some kinds of smoothies – juices along with the freshly brewed coffee. Another thing that you should know is that you have to stay away from bread here which is bloody dry. 110 NU (1 USD = 72.6 NU) for a cup of coffee, so it sounds a bit pricey, however, it gets your money’s worth.
Location: Zhamling Building, Thimphu, Bhutan
Hotline: +975 17 18 19 20

2. Ambient Café

Ambient Café, Bhutan

One of the outstanding coffee shops in Thimphu, Ambient is a place where you can have yourself a breakfast and lunch brunch. The service here is good with staff who are well-trained and hospitable.
The coffee shop offers a diverse menu from hummus, pakora, spaghetti, and carrot cake (the best seller) to espresso coffee as well as ice cream. The prices are quite high, however once again, it gets your money’s worth. The owner, in addition, is a good source for getting information on mountain-biking routes.
Location: Norzin Lam | Opposite Druk PNB Bank, Thimphu, Bhutan
Hotline: +975 17 11 66 61

3. Art Café

Art Café

The ideal place for a sweet tooth during a trip to Thimphu. Confectionery here is considered the favorite stuff amongst tourists by the local dwellers. The menu here still has a special offer of salad dishes if you want to balance out your calorie intake. The Art Café brings a cozy atmosphere to guests by adding an old-fashioned wooden stove inside while enjoying food.
Location: Suzuli Dealership, Doebum Lam (close to the main traffic circle), Thimphu, Bhutan
Hotline: +975 2 327 933

4. Thija Café

Thija Café

It is not far too easy to find food places open early in the morning in Thimphu, so if you want a breakfast that does not go with the early lunch, Thija Café is what you need. This very few early opening Thimphu coffee shop opens at 8:00 am and offers an appetizing breakfast. You should try the NU 250 scrumptious dish including grain toast with omelet along with sliced salami and roasted potato.
Location: Near Clock Tower, Thimphu Main Square, Thimphu, Bhutan