The official currency in Bhutan is Ngultrum Bhutan or in the shorter way, NU. At this sate, there is only one version of Bhutan currency is in use: Cotton note (Nu 1, Nu 10, Nu 20, Nu 50, Nu 100, Nu 500, and Nu 1000). To prepare your money for your Bhutan tours, here are some information about Bhutan official currency and exchange rate.Bhutan Currency and Exchange Rate - bhutan national currency

Bhutan Currency Information for Travelers

Bhutan Currency Exchange Rate to US Dollar

Up to November 2018, the exchange rate between Ngultrum Bhutan to US Dollar is 1 US$ = Nu 69.77. Please see the below Bhutan currency exchange rate chart for further information.

Ngultrum Bhutan Equivalent in US$
Nu 1000 $ 14.33
Nu 500 $ 7.17
Nu 100 $ 1.43
Nu 50 $ 0.72
Nu 20 $ 0.29
Nu 10 $ 0.14
Nu 1 Too small to convert

Scan Exchange Rates of NgulTrum Bhutan to Other Currencies

British Pound: 1 GBP ≈ Nu 89
Euro: 1 EUR ≈ Nu 80
Japanese Yen: 1 JPY ≈ Nu 1
Singaporean Dollar: 1 SGD ≈ Nu 51
Canadian Dollar: 1 CAD ≈ Nu 52
Danish Krone: 1 DKK ≈ Nu 11
Hong Kong Dollar: 1 HKD ≈ Nu 9
Swiss Franc: 1CHF ≈ Nu 70

How to Recognize Ngultrum Bhutan

To recognize the official currency of Bhutan, please look at the picture belowRecognize Ngultrum Bhutan - bhutan official currency

Bhutanese Currency Tips

Currency Exchange Destination

Once arrive at Bhutan, you can exchange traveler’s cheques or cash at the foreign exchange currency desk at Paro International Airport, Bank of Bhutan, and Bhutan National Bank. You should do your banking in Paro or Thimphu because when you travel into the interior, ATMs and banking facilities can be nowhere seen. US Dollar, Australia Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Singaporean Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Hong Kong Dollar are available to be exchanged to Ngultrum Bhutan.

Credit Cards in Bhutan

Credit cards are accepted, but only in a very few handicraft stores and some of the large hotels in Thimphu. What’s more, in each deal, you will often be charged a surcharge of up to 5%, so you would rather carry cash than use your credit card.

ATMs in Bhutan

Do not rely on ATMs. Limited ATMs facilities are available in big towns like Paro and Thimphu, but there are regular problems in relation to withdrawing money through these ATMs. Transactions are limited to Nu 10.000 or 15.000.Currency Exchange Destination - bhutan money currency