Having sex in Bhutan is a big deal as it is a sensitive thing and the official in Bhutan does not allow visitors to be able to hook up with the locals. You can easily find several condom vans in Thimphu since then the Bhutanese official promotes safe sex, but it is only not a big deal among the locals. For those who are foreigners finding girls for mongering, it is illegal. If you are a man having a Bhutan trip alone or in an all-men group, this article can be your guideline to enjoy happy Bhutan tours.

Bhutan Nightlife, Massage and Red Light Areas

We understand that you may be worried about the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus in China. Bhutan, Myanmar, and Laos, in contrast, are still safe and sound from this global pandemic. Click here to see the reason why Coronavirus cannot reach these countries and what makes them stronger.

Massage & Spa in Bhutan

Massage and Spa must be an interesting thing that you need after a day of discovering the vibrant nation like Bhutan. In fact, Bhutan does not have many massages and spa parlors; however, if you find out one, it must be excellent. Good services along with hospitable and adorable staffs, once spending your time on some of these places below, you might fall in love with them.

Dhungsel Home Spa

A seriously good massage & spa in Thimphu that brings an excellent massage experience to guests whenever they visit there. Interestingly, this spa is run by a group of visually impaired people; however, all of them are professional in massaging that your whole body and feet will be well taken care of with the most awesome hand movement that you have ever had.
Address: Thimphu, Bhutan
Telephone: +975 17 65 12 96
Tripadvisor rating: 5.0 star

Dhungsel Home Spa - bhutan massage

Tshetob Ying Yum

An ideal massage & spa destination that welcomes lots of guests visiting there. The spa is tucked in an apartment with a cozy set-up that brings a homelike feeling to each visitors coming there. People can enjoy hot stone, Thai and whole Body massages, or oil massage, then have always come away feeling relaxed and youthful.
Address: Unnamed Road, Paro, Bhutan
Telephone: +975 17 63 04 90
Tripadvisor rating: 4.9 star

Aru Spa

This massage parlor converges a variety of massage features ranging from four double spa suites with outdoor bath and shower, herbal bath therapy, a retail boutique, nail and hair salon and changing rooms with sauna facilities separating male and female. Massage services in the Aru Spa can suit the exceptions of the most discerning guests with the spa menu consists of Bali, India, and Thailand massage therapy as guests can immerse themselves in the comfort of body and face treatment.
Address: Norzin Lam, Thimphu 11001, Bhutan
Tripadvisor rating: 4.0 star

Aru - Bhutan spa

Prostitution in Bhutan

Prostitution is banned in almost every country in Asia and in Bhutan is not an exception. The frequently guests finding sex in Bhutan mostly come from the West and India. Tourists tend to look for sex with girls; however, some even want to do with boys. However, they cannot do that thing. Prostitution is brutally banned in Bhutan.

Finding Girls For Sex in Bhutan

There is very few sex information reported in Bhutan. This is definitely a dry country when it comes to mongering, and you have to deal with it. If you want to find a girl for a happy ending vacation, forget it because you cannot do such a thing. You cannot find any place for asking for this special service.
Therefore, just come to Bhutan, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and experience the tradition & culture of this country.
Your time you spend in Bhutan can be so much happier with many further entertaining activities. Guest what? Go here to get the best answer! 

girls for sex - bhutan nightlife red light area

Bhutan Red Light Areas & How to Meet Girls

It is not too late to say sorry so, no red light area can be found here. You can enjoy your nightlife in bars & clubs in Bhutan for chilling and bumping into the locals as well as visitors from different countries.
And once again, no prostitution and sex amongst foreigners and locals.
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nightlife in bhutan - bhutan red light area

That is all about things you should know before thinking about having sex in Bhutan. To find out more about this country, click here for something ultimately special.