Thimphu Attractions

The capital city – Thimphu, located at an elevation about 2320m about the sea level, is the main center of government, religion, and commerce and is home to roughly 100.000 inhabitants consisting of the Royal family. The capital of Bhutan is well-known as the only world capital that does not have any traffic lights that makes the policemen has more things to do as they have to keep the traffic smoothly flowing day by day with their elegant, exaggerated hand motions. Thimphu, also, is the only city that has an unusual combination between modern development alongside old-aged tradition. I wonder that how can we let yourself ignore the majestic yet sacred attractions in Thimphu which have been the important parts in this capital city. If you are going to have a Bhutan vacation, let us and this category help you to know a little bit more about the city, especially about Thimphu attractions.