Folk Heritage Museum

Folk Heritage Museum

Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan is, somehow, the most vibrant city in the Thunder Dragon Kingdom. The city is a good example of a perfect combination between modern development and ancient aspects where you can find both bustling places like coffee shops, bars & clubs, restaurants, and ancient sites.
Once there, it is your chance to head to one of the most magnificent Thimphu attractions where perseveres the old-aged culture of the Bhutanese for years – Folk Heritage Museum. The site is simple with rustic decoration; however, it gives visitors coming there a serene in their mind and also an opportunity to get an insight into the unique culture of the Kingdom. To know more about this site, let enjoy the article.

Folk Heritage Museum – The Well-Preserved Place of Bhutanese Culture

Offering a deep look into the Bhutanese culture under one roof, Folk Heritage Museum preserves and flaunts the folk tradition of the country. Established in 2001, the museum is set up inside a 3-storeyed house, having the soberest facade, which makes the place even more distinguished. Bhutanese cuisine, essential trees, farming tools, household objects, and whatnot! This impressive museum displays it all.
The oldest historical place in Bhutan, the National Folk Heritage Museum houses the finest and most intricate details of Bhutanese culture within its walls. Giving information about the rural life of Bhutan to tourists, the entire setup has been made such that the tourists can actually feel as if they are a part of this rich culture.

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From traditional flora and fauna to traditional hot stone baths, everything has been preserved in the best manner possible. Tables, Benches, wooden floors, traditional utensils, and every other Bhutanese good can be found here.

The architecture of Folk Heritage Museum

The house in which museum has been set up is constructed in a traditional Bhutanese way. The 3-storied building is made up of rammed earth and timber. There is a traditional water mill that has been preserved for years and kept on a display for visitors to see. The wheat & paddy fields, as well as a kitchen garden, add more authenticity and rusticity to this place. The courtyard of the house is spacious and closed.

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The ground floor is the place where the cattle are given shelter during harsh winter months. It is also where the farming equipment and grains are stored. Fodder for cattle, medicines, etc. is also kept in one of the rooms on the ground floor only. The second floor is used as a storehouse for grains, food items, etc. On each separate level, there is something new and something different to see.

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Tip for Visiting Folk Heritage Museum

Basically, there are only 2 tips that I want to show you. Let check out.
Number 1: Photography or videography is not allowed inside the museum
Number 2: The traditional artifacts have been preserved for a very long time and it is advisable not to touch them

How to Reach the Folk Heritage Museum

Being a very popular site in the city, a cab can be hired from any part of the city to reach the Folk Heritage Museum. The two very important Thimphu attractions, Clock Tower Square and Bhutan Post Office Headquarters, are located at a walking distance from Folk Heritage Museum. A visit to the museum can be made after having a tour of these places. It is easy to reach such a valuable site in your Bhutan tours; thus, joyfully enjoy the trip.

Timing and Entry Fee of Folk Heritage Museum

The site opens from Monday to Friday (from 9 am – 5 pm) and Saturday to Sunday (from 10 am – 1 pm). The entry fee to enter the attraction is NU. 150 for foreigners and NU. 30 for SARRC nationalities.