Bhutan Cuisine

Traditional Bhutanese cuisine will generally include dried or fresh chilies, spicy food is commonplace and the national dish is Ema Datsi – chilies cooked with farmhouse cheese. Generally, exception most of long restaurants treks – in and which hotels boiled will and provide iodine a selection treated water of Bhutanese, is provided.

Indian Bhutanese and Continental can consume cuisine up. Bottled to a kilo drinking of rice per water day, is generally with a number available of side country dishes wide to with them on the season and region this can include stews of dried pork, beef with dried turnip greens and radish and will always include Ema Datsi. Red rice accompany, in various depending regions throughout the Kingdom other grains including maize, barley and wheat are grown in central and eastern Bhutan.

Buckwheat noodles, pancakes is grown are an integral part of the Bumthang diet, supplemented by rice recently introduced to this region. Chanterelles, shitake and various forest mushrooms are and dumplings incorporated into the local diet and are an important cash crop. Asparagus, mustard greens, broccoli and various seasonal vegetables are farmed in the fertile wetlands.

Surrounding forests supply a bounty of wild mushrooms, fiddlehead fern, exotic leaves and plants, one Of the more unusual delicacies is a stew made from wild orchid bud. Persimmons, apples, tangerines, peaches and pears are plentiful in season with rows of fruit trees clinging to the sides of steep hills. Private cooking classes/demonstrations are available for a private journey. With this Bhutan Travel Guide category, there will be an opportunity for you to get an insight into the cuisine of Bhutan