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Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2022 – 2023

Amankora Bhutan Tour – 8 Days

Separating to the outside world, Bhutan has cultivated its culture rich in traditions, religion, and a benevolent monarchy. With the stunning landscapes ranging from snow-capped peaks, deeply forested slopes to boulder-strewn rivers, all these things will be explored by this 8-day trip as it will take you into the ancient Kingdom for an adventure into the heartland of beautiful farmers, fascinating weavers, enchanting monks, and charismatic leaders.

Beyond the Cloudy Journey in Bhutan will take you through the stunning, remote wilderness to rarely visited monasteries, isolated and serene villages and valleys, and to high passes offering marvelous mountain vista which is only accessible only by foot. This wonderful trip gives a good opportunity to discover Bhutan’s natural wonders at their best, as well as gain a true experience of traditional life with an afternoon spent as a guest in a village. This journey also discovers the highlights of Bhutan’s culturally rich western valleys of Paro, Punakha and Thimphu and beautiful Phobjikha.

Bhutan Adventure Tours

Bhutan Biking Tour – 10 Days

Cycling is the perfect way to experience the exotic beauty of Bhutan. This 10-day biking tour takes you to a wonderful country to behold the majestic landscapes by cycling through magical villages, spectacular mountain ranges, and peaceful aura. Join with us to experience a remarkable trip to Bhutan in order to not only indulge in the serene beauty but also discover the traditional culture of the Thunder Dragon kingdom.

Bhutan Birding Tours

Bhutan Birding Trip – 9 Days

The nine-day excursion into the western Bhutan that will take you to both famous and off the beaten track birding zones, is perfect for all visitors around the world, especially for those who are nature-lovers. Get into the beautiful country where is mostly covered in forests, then fall in love with its colorful and majestic wildlife.

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2022 – 2023

Bhutan Classic and Little Trekking Tour – 8 Days

Day 01: Paro Arrival Upon arrival, our representative in Bhutan will be waiting to welcome and escort you to the hotel in Paro. Check into the hotel and the rest of the day will be yours. Relax at leisure. Overnight in Paro Day 02: Tiger’s Nest Hiking Trip After breakfast, ready to enjoy a hiking [...]

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2022 – 2023

Bhutan Classic Tour – 5 Days

Discover the spectacular landscape of Bhutan for an escape into natural heaven offering you full of opportunities to engage in recreational activities, cultural experiences, and magnificent sightseeing. Explore ancient monasteries, visit some of the country’s most impressive fortresses, or have lunch in the stunning valley of Paro in a traditional farmhouse. Try with us to have a great Bhutan vacation to join the experiences that far beyond your expectations.

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2022 – 2023

Bhutan Culture Tour – 8 Days

Day 01: Paro Arrival As you arrive at the Paro International Airport, our representative will be waiting to warmly greet and escort you to the hotel. If your flight is in the morning you will visit the Rinpung Dzong meaning “fortress of the heap of jewels”. It has a long and fascinating history. You can see fine wall [...]

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2022 – 2023

Bhutan Family Tour – 8 Days

This 8-day Bhutan Family Tour gives you and your family an opportunity to both discover the incredible country with stunning landscapes and have an unforgettable time together. Admire the magnificent attractions in the West and learn about Bhutanese daily living in traditional villages in the East that will excite your senses and extremely meaningful for your family. In the capital city, let your children learn about the unique traditional art at the National Institute For Zorig Chusum. Then marvel at the “Great of Happiness Palace” in Punakha embraced by a beautiful river mirroring the fascinating scenery around. Do not miss an opportunity to marvel at the natural diversity in the National Park and savor with Bhutanese food to approach authentic Bhutan.

Bhutan-Birding-Tours is always an opportunity for travelers to experience both scenic spots, the beautifully natural creature - birds and its melodious tweets that, perhaps, would be stuck in your head even your trip is merely over. So, this 19-day birding tour in Bhutan is not an exception which offers visitors a chance to hike through from western to eastern Bhutan, traversing through dense lush forests, six mountain passes, cultural sites, and most importantly, bump into a wide range of bird species and comping near birding sites as well.

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Bhutan Fishing Tour – 11 Days

With an 11-day Bhutan fishing tour, you absolutely have a big deal to explore the watering-life in the Bhutanese rivers that are full of species of fish, especially brown trout (also called snow trout) and the Golden Mahseer in southern areas. What’s more, besides indulging yourself in the wonderful watering-world of fishes, you also enjoy a scenic cultural tour that leads you to bump into beautiful trout streams, magnificent mountain vistas where the cloud drifted leaving the clear blue sky behind, and cultural scenes from the 8th century intermingle. Be ready and give us your hand, then your fishing tour in Bhutan will become one of the most memorable trips you have ever had in your lifetime.

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2022 – 2023

Bhutan Off Beaten Path – 9 Days

Bhutan is an incredible kingdom in South Asia where you can truly find an amazing experience. Be ready to explore the unsung charm of Bhutan through the rapid change of the worldwide which still remaining its untouched serene beauty in remoted sleeping villages. This off the beaten track 9-day tour to Bhutan gives you a great chance to approach the long-lasting culture of vibrant communities as well as a chance to indulge in the exotic landscapes shrouded in magic and mythology. With the natural beauty, traditional dimension couple with the hospitable of the local people, this unforgettable Bhutan tour will satisfy even the most demanding one.

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2022 – 2023

Bhutan Sightseeing Tour – 4 Days

This suggested Bhutan itinerary allows you a chance to capture the quintessence of the most attractive city of Thimphu and Paro. Be welcomed on a morning ferry to greet the light breeze and reach the beautiful. Ultimately, feel tiny in front of the top world's biggest Buddha statue and don't miss your opportunity to indulge in the vibrant nightlife in Paro. The fascinating, as well as the exciting experience of the Short Holiday in Bhutan, is waiting for you to discover!