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Welcome to Bhutan – the land of the Thunder Dragon on the eastern slope of the Himalayas. Holding the majestic landscapes with breathtaking vistas, pristine forests, snow-capped mountain ranges coupled with the long-lasting cultural diversity shrouded in mythology, ancient beliefs and Buddhist traditions, Bhutan offers authentic experiences in the journey hike up to the most sacred Buddhist temples. Strolling along the longest suspension bridge in the country and learn about the daily life of Bhutanese monks in the Punakha Dzong which is widely known as the Place of Great Happiness. Let your soul mingle with the excitement of the most vibrant festivals, wear the traditional dress and gain a deep insight into the mystical cultural identity of the happiest kingdom in the world. The warmth, hospitality, and politeness of the local people ensure a memorable vacation not only unique but truly valuable.

Go Bhutan Tours offers Bhutan tours, vacation packages and all travel services. We specialize in tailor-making Bhutan tour itineraries for individuals, families, & groups of all sizes. Our Bhutan tours are always designed to help you experience authentic Bhutan. Feel free to customize any tour to incorporate your preferred destinations, interests & schedule.

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Easy Bhutan Tour Planning

Easy Bhutan Trip Planning

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Local Expert Bhutan Tour Service Customizing

Local Expert Bhutan Service Customizing

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Authentic Bhutan Vacation

Authentic Bhutan Vacation

  • We want you to go home with amazing stories about your trip
  • Explore the last Shangri-La in the World
  • Unlock the Happiest Country on Earth
  • Journey to the Kingdom of Happiness
Outstanding Bhutan Trip Reviews

Outstanding Bhutan Trip Reviews

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4 Easy Steps For Your Bhutan Vacation Packages

Get Inspiration of a Bhutan tour itinerary

Get Inspiration of a Bhutan tour itinerary

Having no idea how to start your Bhutan tour? Don’t worry! You can get inspiration from our ready-made trip itinerary.

Select a favorite Bhutan tour

Select a favorite Bhutan tour

If you want a custom tour, make a free inquiry by chatting, emailing, or filling the contact form, and then tell us your ideas. We are happy to tailor a unique Bhutan trip that suit you most.

Book Bhutan Tour Packages with Us

Book Bhutan Tour Packages with Us

Once you’ve found the Bhutan tour you’d love to take, keep working 1-1 with our dedicated travel expert until you are totally satisfied to book.

Enjoy Bhutan Trip & Service

Enjoy Bhutan Trip & Service

Now, it’s time to enjoy your Bhutan holiday package and create your own beautiful travel memories with your private service.

Bhutan Tours by Theme

Bhutan Classic Tours

Bhutan Classic Tours

Bhutan Festival Tours

Bhutan Festival Tours

Bhutan Birding Tours

Bhutan Birding Tours

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan Tour Packages 2023 - 2024

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2023 – 2024

Bhutan Cultural Tour – 6 Days/ 5 Nights

Coming to Bhutan Cultural Tour and discovering the unique culture of Bhutan. From the Takin Reserve - showcasing the unique national animal and the National Library and the School of Traditional Arts to Simtokha Dzong (one of the oldest fortresses in Bhuta). You also enjoin the moment of day's walk to the ‘Tiger's Nest, which clings to the rock face 900 meters above the valley floor. Besides it, You will visit the impressive Paro Rinpung Dzong, one of the finest examples of Bhutanese architecture, and the National Museum of Bhutan.

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2023 – 2024

Wellness & Buddhism Retreat Tour – 5 Days/ 4 Nights

For Buddhists, Bhutan is a sacred place not to be missed. Coming to Bhutan, you will discover the origin of Buddha, which preserves the most quintessential features of Buddhist culture from people, culture, architecture, history...

Bhutan festival brings its own colors of a unique culture, separate from the integration with the world. Coming to the Bhutan Festival Tour and feeling full of inspiration of culture, people, and life in here depicted in folk dances.

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan Trekking Tour – 14 Days

Taking part in the tour, then having the best experience that the country – Bhutan offers from the rich of culture & tradition to the magnificent mountain scenery. Come and admire the impressive Dzongs in Thimphu and Punakha, witness the greenery of real Bhutanese countryside, enjoy day hikes before gearing up for the exciting 7-day Jomolhari camping trek. During the trek, be ready to soak in the world of the mighty long snow-capped mountains, the takins – Bhutanese national animal, Himalayan vultures, and even bump into the elusive snow leopard.

Bhutan Adventure Tours

Bhutan Biking Tour – 10 Days

Cycling is the perfect way to experience the exotic beauty of Bhutan. This 10-day biking tour takes you to a wonderful country to behold the majestic landscapes by cycling through magical villages, spectacular mountain ranges, and peaceful aura. Join with us to experience a remarkable trip to Bhutan in order to not only indulge in the serene beauty but also discover the traditional culture of the Thunder Dragon kingdom.

This Bhutan 1 week itinerary - the Thunder Dragon Kingdom on the Sky provides an insight into Bhutan’s Buddhist culture at a deep and comprehensive level. This trip combines spectacular drives to three historically important valleys: bustling Bhutan's capital - Thimphu; the tropical Punakha Valley; and the vibrant Paro Valley. Get into a marvelous camping trek to Bumdra monastery consisting of an overnight stay amidst wilderness campsite as well as a visit to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. This is a trip to off-beaten paths, where few travelers have ever set foot, to eventually approach the monastery from our campsite above the cloudy sky.

Bhutan Birding Tours

Bhutan Birding Trip – 9 Days

The nine-day excursion into the western Bhutan that will take you to both famous and off the beaten track birding zones, is perfect for all visitors around the world, especially for those who are nature-lovers. Get into the beautiful country where is mostly covered in forests, then fall in love with its colorful and majestic wildlife.

Bhutan Tour Itinerary Packages 2023 – 2024

Amankora Bhutan Tour – 8 Days

Separating to the outside world, Bhutan has cultivated its culture rich in traditions, religion, and a benevolent monarchy. With the stunning landscapes ranging from snow-capped peaks, deeply forested slopes to boulder-strewn rivers, all these things will be explored by this 8-day trip as it will take you into the ancient Kingdom for an adventure into the heartland of beautiful farmers, fascinating weavers, enchanting monks, and charismatic leaders.

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Have you ever fantasized about trip to Bhutan or pondered what it would be like to live in this isolated nation tucked away in the Himalayas? Bhutan travel has only been welcoming visitors for 45 years and prioritizes the preservation of its nature, culture, and way of life. Buddhist mystique and lore surround everything from visiting Buddhist monasteries and forts to dining on Bhutanese food to climbing in the Himalayas. You'll encounter the experiences and individuals who make bliss feel like the ordinary, not the pursuit, from the breathtaking Tiger's Nest to the prayer hall in Gangte Goemba.

Transporation in Bhutan

Go Bhutan Tours uses local transportation alternatives and conventional modes of transportation whenever possible because they typically have less of an impact on the environment, help small local businesses, and are far more enjoyable. The type of excursion you choose while on a Bhutan tour package will determine how you get there.
Minibus: Due to the weather, a lack of paved roads, and limited public transportation choices, traveling around Bhutan can be challenging. So plan on taking a minibus while you're not hiking.

Bhutan Culture and Custom

Zooming out past the magnificent Himalayas reveals Bhutan's amazing, varied culture, which is rapidly modernizing while remaining firmly steeped in their tradition.
Bhutan has seen an upsurge in travelers from a few hundreds to 200,000 since it first opened its doors to travelers in 1974. The allure is clear: people are drawn in by the beautiful alpine landscape, spectacular Buddhist buildings, and enigmatic mood, not to mention the much-discussed Gross National Happiness (GNH), a well-being indicator that is given primacy over GDP.
Bhutan is the only nation on the planet with a net negative carbon footprint. Three different parties have won three national elections since the country has been governed democratically since 2007. Since Buddhism accounts for almost 75% of the population, national policy is also influenced by this religion's emphasis on ecology and traditional conservation.
Then the adjective that best represents Bhutan is definitely "rich." a rich history, heritage, and custom. Rich, content, and affluent beauty As the nation develops, there will undoubtedly be a considerable increase of goods carried in by increasing numbers of visitors. It will be fascinating to see how Bhutan manages to strike a balance between its traditional practices and its quick advance into technology.

Eating and Drinking in Bhutan travel

The spicy food of Bhutan is renowned for knocking even the most traveler's socks off. If you prefer things spicy, you might just have reached heaven because most of it is garnished with chilies; but, for someone else, it will be pretty warm. Here are some dishes to watch out for a Bhutan vacation:

Ema datshi

These cheese sauce-covered, extremely hot chillies are offered. It’s the traditional dish of Bhutan, where ema is the word for "chili" and datshi is the word for "cheese."

Phak sha pa

Red chile, onion, tomato, ginger, and radish slices are used to stew chopped pork.

Red rice

The Bhutanese consume a lot of wheat, which is often reddish in hue. This is as a result of its cultivation in the rich Paro Valley soil. This one has a nutty taste and is frequently served with chili and mushrooms.


These Tibetan dumplings are typically served as a snack and are filled with meat, cheese, or veggies. Momos should never be refused.

Red Panda beer

The Bumthang Brewery, which is operated by a Swiss citizen who wed a Bhutanese, produces the famous Red Panda Weiss Beer of Bhutan. The sole export brewery in Bhutan is this one. There is a thin white foam on the beer, which has a murky yellow color. Residents and visitors alike adore this excellent beer.
Plant-based options
Vegetarians will have an easy time traveling to Bhutan because the country does not consume a meal of meat. Because cheese is frequently used in meals, vegans may find it more challenging. Make sure to specify that you want your meals cooked without dairy or margarine. Obviously, vacationing with a local makes everything much simpler. With Go Bhutan Tours, you'll get a local guide who can explain meals and suggest healthy plant-based options.

Best time for Bhutan tour and vacation

The most stunning moment to go on a Bhutan tour is the spring periods of mid-March to early May, when rhododendrons and other flowers are in blossom and the temperature has started to warm up, which are often cited as the ideal times to travel. Another great period is in the fall, from September through November, when the sky is predicted to be bright and the hills should be visible. It appears that March/April and September/October are the busiest carnival seasons.

Bhutan shopping tours

A Bhutan trip will satisfy your desire for high caliber handicrafts and vibrant art. Despite Bhutan's lack of a reputation as a premier shopping location, there are many skilled artists producing high-quality goods here.
To be assured that you can carry particular things back into your place of origin, it is a great idea to verify with your local customs officers. General terms, the laws governing customs are rigorous in the US and Canada.

Hand-Woven Fabric

In Bhutan, artisanal spinning is at its very best. Visit one of the numerous textile shopping options in the towns of Bhutan to select from a wide variety of vibrant rugs, clothes, shawls, and decorations.

Traditional Music

Consider purchasing a CD of singing monks from Bhutan to use as a musical stress relief when you get home and are back in office daily.

Spiritual Souvenirs

For parents and friends, colorful prayer banners, aromatic candles, and rosary beads make thoughtful presents.

Enjoy Bhutan festivals during vacation

The festival schedule of Bhutan is jam-packed with vibrant events marked by dance and revelry.

Paro Spring Festival (Paro Tshechu)

Paro residents celebrate the arrival of spring for 5 days with various cultural and religious events. By participating in dining, drumming, and blade dancing, locals get over their winter blues. If you're fortunate enough to travel during this period, be prepared to witness moving ceremonies, vibrant costumes, and moving expressions of devotion.

Thimphu Festival (Thimphu Tschechu)

All those who join this three-day celebration should find great fortune. Bhutanese residents go from throughout the country to participate in this religious festival, which combines traditional dancing, dress, and theatre as well as prayers and ceremonies to summon the gods. Travelers get a unique opportunity to learn about Bhutanese history and interact with people at this incredibly joyful period.

Health and Safe Vacation in Bhutan

Go Bhutan Tours makes each precaution to make sure the Bhutan vacations are safe, enjoyable, and fun for everyone. The company takes the health and safety of its visitors carefully. We advise all passengers to get the most recent information prior to boarding from their local government or regional travel guide agency.