The 10 Best Homestays in Bhutan

The 10 Best Homestays in Bhutan

Homestay or simply known as living with local families while traveling to an entirely new country is one of the most enriching experiences that not only make you easily get to know about this country national culture, and their daily lifestyle better throughout the locals’ stories but also lead you to feel like being right at home. Bhutanese people are well-known for their hospitality and generosity, then instead of spending vast of money on luxurious hotels and resorts, try to make your Bhutan vacation becomes completely perfect by opting for homestays in Bhutan as they express Bhutan’s culture and hospitality which the Bhutanese take pride in so far. Then, if you are wondering about where to find homestays in Bhutan, there are 6 must-try homestays for you during your Bhutan trip.

Top 5 Best Homestays in Bhutan

Chimi Lhakhang Village Homestay

Don’t know what to say because, during my stay in this traditional Bhutan homestay, I had lots of emotions that have gotten stuck in my head so far. Once there, I was warmly welcomed by my friendly and adorable hosts, even though they, somehow, made me feel instantly comfortable. My hosts told me that that property was a 115-year-old building and it was passed down from one generation to other. Talking about my room, it was incredibly clean, cozy, and spacious enough for several activities. I would be brutally honest that I fell in love with every dish that my hosts cooked for me, a scrumptious dinner. It was a joyful moment when we had dinner together and have a little chit-chat.
Price: INR 2.135 onwards/ night
Address: Punakha – Bhutan

Chimi Lhakhang Village Homestay - 10 best homestays bhutan

Paro Village View Homestay

Another homestay in Bhutan that I stayed in. If you ask me one word to describe this homestay, no I can’t. From its location to things inside, they literally could not be described in words that you must go there and experience. The location of Paro Village View Homestay is outside the city, actually, en route Chele la pass offers a peaceful and spectacular ambiance. Once there, I had a wonderful memory when I enjoyed a cup of tea while watching the view in the morning.
Talking about the room, do not expect modern rooms because this Bhutan homestay offers you to experience the lifestyle in the rural region as well as the natural beauty in its pristine form. From the homestay, you can witness the sweeping view of stunning paddy rice fields, monasteries & temples, mountains, and so much more things.
Price: INR 2300/ night
Address: Bondey-Haa Hwy – Paro – Bhutan

Paro Village View Homestay - homestay in bhutan

Ugyen Homestay

A very good homestay in Bhutan, according to my friend. The homestay is named after the name of the owner, Ugyen, who is a very polite, compassionate, and kind-hearted person. The homestay is an ancient 3-story building following the purely traditional Bhutan design. Once there, do not forget to experience hot spring facility as it is really good with the water is always heated by red hot stones and the comfortable aroma comes from herbs. The spring bath facility costs Nu 700/ person. It is quite expensive but, trust me, it is worth your money.
Address: Dumchoe Village – Haa Valley

Ugyen Homestay - best bhutan homstay

Noryang Homestay

Another well-worth staying homestay in Bhutan. The property has a lovely garden giving the right atmosphere for clients to just let loose. Rooms are clean, spacious, and full of natural light. If you need some time to take it easy, just come to the terrace with a cup of tea and let your soul as well as the stunning view outside roll into one. One more thing, the breakfast buffet served every day, is the best.
Price: INR 2.080/ night
Address: Punakha – Bhutan

Noryang Homestay- homestay at bhutan

Damchoe’s Homestay

Owned by a Bhutanese English speaker-Aum Damchoe, then communicating between owner and guests was no longer a problem while staying in this Thimphu homestay. The homestay offers a cozy and homely ambiance making the feel of being at home. The owner, Mrs. Aum Damchoe is also a good cook, so it is great to try the authentic Bhutanese cuisine here.
Price: Nu 1.800 onwards/ night
Address: Langjopakha – Thimphu 00975 – BhutanDamchoes - homestay for bhutan

5 Recommended Homestay in Bhutan

Aum Om Homestay

If you are traveling in Paro, then do not miss this cozy homestay. The Bhutan homestay-Aum Om is known as more than a hotel less than a home; however, it is actually your home in Bhutan. If you are looking for an affordable homestay and beautifully mouth-watering dishes, the homestay really can be your thing.
Price: Nu 1950 onwards/ night
Address: Satyam – Paro – BhutanAum Om Homestay - top recommended bhutan homestay

Haa Valley Homestays

Run by Ugyen and Chimi, this little homestay is located in the Haa district, at the base of three hills known as “Miri Punsum”. Rooms are incredibly clean and full of natural light offering comforts while lying in bed with your beloved partner. The owners are hospitable as they are always happy to have a chit-chat with guests, making them feel at home. If you are a vegetarian, you can ask for non-meat meals. Free parking and the stunning view of ancient houses are other things that you can have during your stay there.
Price: Nu 1500 onwards/ night
Address: Dumchoe – Haa Bhutan 15001 – BhutanHaa Valley Homestays - best bhutan homestay

Namgay Homestay

Another high-quality homestay in Paro, this one itself is famous for its facilities as you can use a huge range of services like private non-smoking rooms, hot spring baths, free parking, and high-speed internet service. Staff is influent in speaking so you can easily communicate or ask for help without any hesitation. The Namgay Homestay has 3 types of rooms: triple, double, and twin/double rooms. In the winter, the place looks heavenly and you are mesmerized by Bhutan’s beauty.
Price: Nu 2371 onwards/ night
Address: Paro – Bhutan 12005 – BhutanNamgay Homestay in Bhutan

Nirvana Homestay

Paro, somehow, is a home of a lot of homestays that make looking for homestays in Bhutan has become easier than ever before. This homestay is well-worth for one who is a nature lover as it offers a wonderful garden surrounded by fresh plumbs and strawberries from an orchard. The best facilities and warm ambiance can be your thing during your stay in this adorable homestay.
Price: Nu 2371 onwards/night
Address: Satsham – Paro – BhutanNirvana Homestay Bhutan

Authentic Bhutanese Homestay

It is no doubt to say that Paro is the paradise of good homestays. Located in Paro, Authentic Bhutanese Homestay definitely is your place making the homelike atmosphere as each room is full of natural light offering a cozy ambiance while relaxing in a soft bed along with the à la carte breakfast. The homestay is also the only place providing bicycle rental services among others in Bhutan.
Price: Nu 1500 onwards/night
Address: Tshendona – Paro 00975 – BhutanAuthentic Bhutanese Homestay